Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Product Review: Shea Moisture-- Moisture Retention Shampoo

So I recently discovered the Shea Moisture-- Moisture Retention Shampoo and I must say it was love at first try! As you will see in a further post (like perhaps maybe the next post that I make), my hair was beyond tangled before washing my hair with this shampoo! 

Like seriously, BEYOND tangled!

I didn't even bother to try and put a comb through it because along with my initial futile attempts at "detangling" the beast that sat on top of my head that day, I suffer from MAJOR tenderheadedness (if that's even a word!). So before shampooing on this occasion I grabbed (literally) six sections of hair and clamped them down with some hair clamps such as the one pictured below.
I literally did no detangling, whatsoever, before washing my hair on this occasion! And believe it or not I had no problems! I honestly believe that the Shea Moisture shampoo had EVERYTHING to do with my easy to manage hair after washing. In fact, this was the first time that I have ever washed hair that hadn't been detangled prior to getting wet.


Enough Rambling! On to the review! So here is the video that I created on my YouTube Channel (Jazzybee445) about the shampoo. Enjoy! :)

So in a nutshell I give this product:  ★★★★★
It is definitely a new favorite of mine and I see myself using it well into the future!

  • Keeps hair soft and moisturized throughout shampooing process: doesn't strip hair.
  • It has a soft velvety texture that goes on smooth
  • A little goes a long way: So a small dime sized amount is enough for each of my large sections.
  • It helps with manageability
  • I definitely noticed a shine in my hair-- But you saw the video! You be the judge of that :)
  • The price per bottle is $9.99-- Although I got mine for $5.00 each because of the BOGO sale at Walgreen's, I still see the price as being a problem in the future when I run out and want to buy it again. I am on a budget and at this moment ten dollars for shampoo is not practical.
  • At first I was not a fan of the smell, however once I saw how great this shampoo made my hair feel and how much easier it made my detangling process, the smell became a menial inconvenience that has actually grown on me :).
Anyways thats all folks! Have any questions or comments?? leave them down below~! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

When you do so much for the world

When you do so much for the world you may find the feeling satisfactory despite your utter tiredness.
When you do so much for the world, the sun may seem to shine, the clouds may seem to part and perhaps the flowers may seem to bloom.

But when your always busy doing so much for the world,
What do you  ever do for yourself?

I do so much for the people around me. I make sure they have things they want, I make sure they are happy with my every decision and at the end of the day I make sure they have a good nights sleep!

But here I am lonely, tired and worn out. My sleeps are filled with nightmares and my happiness has been drained. In my previous post I may have promised a plan of action, but I've got nothing. I may have thought about it a time or two, but that does nothing for the fact that I have not been able to pull something together….

I think I am depressed :-(...

There is no other explanation for the fact that I am not myself. I have not been myself for so long that perhaps this is myself. I have noticed and intrinsic pattern here… perhaps all of my post have been a little on the dark side…. Hmmm

I promise rainbows next time

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Contemplating the Purpose

I’m not quite sure why this is but lately I have been allowing my life to continue on without me. Perhaps this is the same old, but at some point in my life everyday was exciting and new and filled with great surprises . I used to be told that my life was like a movie-- I guess that means drama and excitement and lots of random spontaneous moments. But lately, say the past 3 or so years it’s been pretty drab in the land of Anita. Nothing seems to happen, nothing seems to move and everything seems to just be, same old and boring.

I feel like I’m heading in this vast land of un-original and dull. What has come of me???

I’m getting so restless and the feeling I have when I wake up in the morning is not one of utter gratefulness but rather a feeling of… “here we go again”.

Clearly this is a problem… for me and my sanity. I’m looking outside the window of my bed room right now, seriously wondering what can I do to overcome this slump? I means gees! Am I depressed??

It’s actually raining outside, pretty hard at that. Not exactly the ideal ambiance for contemplating a change for the better, but I suppose it’s all in how you look at it, right?

I mean the rain doesn’t always have to be dark and dreary it could mean new beginnings… imagine how many seeds are becoming implanted and how bright and green the grass will be the next morning. And think of all the beautiful new flower buds that may begin to bloom.

So what is my vow???

Hmm... well I guess I shall start small. I want things to be different in my life! I need more stories to tell, new experiences and special moments. I need to feel like I’m living for more than just the rush of time that passes me by each day before I go to bed! So my next post shall be my purpose…my goals… some kind of step forward.


Monday, February 28, 2011

Going Natural

So I have decided to embrace the kinks, coils and curls that God has blessed me with.

This is nothing new, just the first time that I am introducing the idea to this blog :).

For all intensive purposes...

Im pretty excited. I started taking better care of and embracing my hair June 1, 2010... Not quite a year from that time yet, but since then I have learned alot.

So you may be asking, what the heck is the purpose of this post!?!

Well... I guess it's just to inform you that perhaps from now on I may be doing hair post's, maybe that's all I'm going to be doing... Maybe I may not do it often... or maybe everyday... I really dont know... *sigh*... But hopefully, whatever i choose to do, someone out there will be reading :)...